Really loved having this site to get worksheets from during prac click HERE to check it out!


From reading Natalie’s blog ‘Catching a break’ I can totally relate to how tired she felt during prac! It is actually crazy what we put ourselves through to reach our dream! Although I don’t have any children like many of my peers do, I spend some week nights and all weekend at my casual job during prac, then trying to fit in the extra-curricular activities I have committed to on the other nights, uni assignments that are piling up and don’t even mention the PLANNING! and then all of these meetings that mean nothing to me that I have to attend 😦  I can’t begin to imaging trying to do all of this and look after a family like so many others! They sure don’t make it easy for us.. but.. I know we can all push through and get there.. eventually…

From reading Hayley’s blog I was pleased to know I wasn’t alone in feeling like this has been the toughest semester yet! I have always thought that full-time uni created a huge workload but this semester has been really over the top!! Although I can happily say it has been a great semester and I have completed a brilliant prac this time round! I have been quite lucky and haven’t experienced a bad one, though this time I really took on the role of a teacher and loved every minute of it 🙂 (well… almost!)


I have been looking through many websites at behaviour management strategies during this prac as i have some very boisterous and challenging boys! I found this one quite good in particular: Click here

There is one year 6 student in my class who has a history of not making friends very easily and bursting into tears over nothing.. He seems like a lovely boy so I am not entirely sure what the problem was.. My mentor explained to me that she got his confidence built up and put an end to the tears, but now he has decided acting out and being “naughty” will get the other kids to like him.. so he is basically being a pain and very uncooperative!! within the first week I had given him 2 detentions, but i followed through with them so he quickly pulled his head in and was doing great.. until Friday! He decided he wouldn’t participate during the spelling test and sat there for an hour making silly comments, and was ‘excited’ when i gave him an off task DoJo award! We then went to maths and he asked if he could go to the toilet… Noway! he had  done nothing all morning, I was sure he was wasting more time.. so he went back to his desk and started doing the maths on the board… finally! I carried on with the lesson only to look over and this boy had his hand up and was in tears, he was stuck on a question and needed to go to the toilet! of course I then let him go.. when he came back and had calmed down I went and spoke with him to make she he understood why I assumed he didn’t really need to go, he was sincere and apologetic and started to well up again.. WOW! he got it! When I got him to stay behind after the bell during lunch to complete the spelling he refused to be complete earlier he then realised how serious I was! Winning! I can only hope that this week he remembers the consequences for his actions!

Am I even a student?

I was really pleased to read   Danielle’s blog to see I am not the only one who has been really challenged during this prac. On Friday the teacher from the other 5/6 class was away and there were no supply teachers available. My mentor decided to take the other class and leave me with her class, we left the doors open in the middle of course! The kids were really well behaved considering the circumstances and it went really well, I felt like a proper teacher! I had the class to myself the entire day with some assistance from a teacher aide. My mentor was extremely impressed with the way I stepped up and was thinking on my feet to get through the day. I was too proud of myself and it just makes me that much more excited to have my very own class! 😀

Check out Danielle’s blog 🙂